A pioneer in his field, and with numerous elite and celebrity clients trusting in and thriving because of his treatments, it’s no surprise that many physicians want to be trained up by Dr. Koniver and become a part of the exclusive Koniver Wellness Network.

Come find out why the top physicians and performers in the biohacking, functional medicine, and the regenerative medicine space, call Craig Koniver, MD the “Future of Modern Medicine”.

For the last seven years, Dr. Koniver has been training physicians from around the world in what he deems “Performance Medicine”. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and a deep passion for staying ahead of the curve by creating unique products and protocols to provide his clients world class results. Our goal with this training is to provide you and your practice new tools to take back to your business, adding valuable revenue streams that will attract new patients, and revitalize your existing clients. This course is just the start of your relationship with Koniver Wellness, and the beginning of a lifelong mentorship as we continue to grow the largest Performance Medicine wholesale network in the country. All trainees gain access to our products sold through our wholesale marketplace in addition to Koniver Wellness branded marketing assets, product and brand partner links, and our training video archive.

Our curriculum covers the following:

And much more

We offer several options for both you and your staff to be trained. All new members of our growing network will have access to a monthly one hour call with Dr. Koniver, and will have access to our marketing asset portal that will be launching very soon. Providers that choose to complete one of our training options will be granted access to our Physician Locator that will feed your business with easily convertible client leads through Dr Koniver’s both international and domestic reach. See the links below for options and available dates.

Given our international travel commitments this fall, our 2021 training schedule is limited so we encourage you to sign up at your earliest convenience. We will be adding training slots for 2022 very soon.

We greatly appreciate your business and support, and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Full day training in office with Dr Koniver (2 Practice maximum) - $6000.00
(includes full wholesale access + physician locator + Koniver Wellness marketing asset access + Monthly Group Call with Dr Koniver)
Please select a date below to pay a 50% deposit to secure your chosen date.


Online Training (3 days @2 hrs per day 4pm - 6pm EST) - $3500.00
(includes full wholesale access + physician locator + Koniver Wellness marketing asset access + Monthly Group Call with Dr Koniver)

My partner Dr. Rhet Langley and I made the decision to leave our conventional allopathic practices to start a practice that incorporates functional medicine, performance medicine, and regenerative medicine philosophies, techniques and modalities. We wanted to learn from the best in the field so we reached out to Dr. Craig Koniver to see if he would mentor us. Dr. Koniver graciously agreed and wanted to develop a physician network, and he had already put together some curriculum so all we needed to do is come spend some time with him at his clinic in Charleston. The way Dr. Koniver was approaching medicine as a practice and the amount of time and investment he places into patient care literally blew our minds. Dr. Koniver was a very kind and generous host and allowed us to see his entire practice’s inner workings. He was an open book when it came to discussing his business and clinical practice, which is very rare these days.

Most doctors guard their secrets closely for fear of competition. Dr. Koniver handed us the playbook and said he has no competition! He only wants to train more physicians to deliver top notch quality innovative care across the country!! We were able to speak with patients being seen that day and receiving treatments such as NAD therapy and ozone therapy. Lastly, we got to try a handful of therapies ourselves. Since that day, my health has changed drastically by implementing the Koniver principles of wellness. My business partner, Dr. Langley, and I have a jumpstart we may not have otherwise had. I am very thankful for the time we spent with Dr. Koniver and recommend the training highly for anyone that is interested in this style of medical practice. Additionally, make a vacation out of your time there because Charleston is one of the most charming cities in America and surprisingly is a great foodie town. ​

Dr. Phillip Gallegos

THRIVE Performance & Regenerative Medicine Houston, Texas

I recently had the opportunity to train with Dr. Koniver and his team. The entire experience far exceeded my expectations. It was nothing less than outstanding. Dr Koniver is a true pioneer in his field. I look forward to being part of his network.​

Dr. Bradley J Keneson II

Valor International Pain Granbury, Texas

I’ve been very fortunate to have received training under Dr. Craig Koniver. He’s obviously very passionate about his work and it’s imperative to learn from someone who’s at the forefront of this field of performance and anti-aging medicine. His protocols are elegant and he makes it seamless for any practice to adopt, and to have him as an ongoing resource and guide had been invaluable to the growth and success of my learning and practice. I give him the highest accolades as a clinician and teacher. I would recommend his training to any physician or practice looking to increase their offerings, revenue, and positioning in a highly competitive marketplace. ​

Dr. Kien Vuu

Thrive State MD Los Angeles, California


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