Immune Boosting, Optimization Education Series





Register for our no cost 12-week instructional course where Dr. Koniver will teach you all you need to learn about how to optimize your Immune system.

The webinar series will begin in Early May.

Week 1: Intro to the course and Koniver Wellness “Dials”

Week 2: Mindset of abundance

Week 3: Mitochondrial Health

Week 4: Nutrition

Week 5: Sleep

Week 6:  Hormones

Week 7: Stress and Cortisol

Week 8: Thyroid

Week 9: Water

Week 10: Fitness

Week 11: Endo Cannabinoid

Week 12: Conclusion of the Optimization KW Dials. Covering NAD+, Peptides, and Ketamine.

*Additional bonus content will be included as well as a Question and Answer submitted by you following the series. 


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