Theanine & Glycine Sleep Kit



While most of us really want to get a quality night’s sleep, we struggle with both falling asleep and staying asleep. Instead of utilizing hard-hitting pharmaceuticals that tend to leave one feeling hungover or out of it, we have created two key sleep aides that combine two all-natural relaxing amino acids:

—Theanine: promotes Alpha-Waves in the brain, these waves are relaxing, not sedating
—Glycine: the smallest amino acid that helps shift the nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous side, allowing one to relax and feel calmer

To help with staying sleep, we recommend the oral Theanine/Glycine oral capsules. Both amino acids will help relax one’s nervous system without causing next day drowsiness or that hangover feeling and because they are oral, they will be digested more slowly allowing for a greater time hitting the nervous system.

To help with initiating sleep, we recommend the Theanine/Glycine oral spray that works quickly to get these nutrients into the bloodstream so that one can go back to sleep without effort. This spray is great for when one awakes in the middle of the night and wishes to get back to sleep quickly and effortlessly. Simply leave the oral Theanine/Glycine oral spray on your nightstand and use it as needed. You can also use this oral spray to help you get to sleep faster at the start of the sleep cycle too.

What’s Included:

Month supply of oral capsules and oral spray.


Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in