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AMP #146 - The Perils and Promise of Medicine with Dr. Craig Koniver | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Practicing MD and natural health expert Dr. Craig Koniver is one of the true thought leaders in human medicine. In one of my favorite AMP episodes of all time, we dismantle the prevalent model of medicine, talk about what really works, and explore the benefits of hormone eplacement, the truth about cholesterol, and the conundrum of vaccines.

Performance Medicine:
Adrenals, Circadian Rhythm, Peptides, NAD, Ketamine w/ Dr.Craig Koniver #303

Today’s episode combines some much-needed Inspiration with tactical information for next-level living. Healing the adrenals, optimizing your circadian rhythm, biohacking your body and mind with peptides and NAD+ IV, the potential uses of ketamine therapy — there’s some crazy stuff here, but this is the future of medicine.

#156 Dr. Craig Koniver MD | Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

Craig Koniver, MD is back on the show and we focus on all things optimization. We take a deep dive into all kinds of performance enhancing drugs, including TRT, peptides SARMS, NAD, Ketamine, and more.


News & Updates

This Fear Corona Pandemic

By now you have been inundated with an overwhelming amount of information regarding all things related to the coronavirus. As such, I will keep this

News & Updates

What Is Your Immune System Really?

Hello All, I wanted to give you my thoughts regarding the current fear epidemic we are right in the middle of. What I am about

Optimization Course

35 min

Chapter 1 : Intro to Course & Abundance of Mindset

In this episode Dr. Koniver will discuss one of the most important aspects of this entire series, the role your mindset plays in becoming your optimal self. Additionally, he illustrates what he wants his viewers to take away from this entire course.

20 min

Chapter 2 : Mitochondrial Health

In this episode Dr. Koniver takes a deep dive into our mitochondria and explains the ins and outs of how our mitochondria work and best ways to optimize their function.

38 min

Chapter 3 : Hormones

Dr. Koniver discusses which hormones he thinks are the most vital in our everyday life. He goes into detail on how each specific hormone affects our health, and how we can correctly dial these levels for optimal performance.

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