Craig Koniver, MD is a welcomed guest on many different podcasts. Here is where you will find some of the best and most recent podcasts he has shared his knowledge and expertise on.

Performance Medicine

Today’s episode combines some much-needed Inspiration with tactical information for next-level living. Healing the adrenals, optimizing your circadian rhythm, biohacking your body and mind with peptides and NAD+ IV, the potential uses of ketamine therapy — there’s some crazy stuff here, but this is the future of medicine.

Dr. Craig Koniver MD | Kyle Kingsbury Podcast

Dr. Craig Koniver MD is back on the show and we focus on all things optimization. We take a deep dive into all kinds of performance enhancing drugs including TRT, peptides SARMS, NAD Ketamine and more.

How Mindset Affects Your Health

In this podcast, Hallie and Dr. Koniver talk about a wide variety of topics including: Mindset, COVID-19, Ketamine, and much more.

How Words Can Be Used To Heal and Harm

Dr. Craig Koniver MD returns to the AMP at a time when the world is facing unprecedented medical challenges. Of course there is the actual virus, but the Fear pandemic has also overtaken our society, left our collective immune system weakened, and our sense of community in jeopardy.

Dr. Craig Koniver | Onnit Podcast w/ Kyle Kingsbury

Dr. Craig Koniver talks total human optimization through advanced medical, why western medicine is failing, and what we can do about it.

The Perils and Promise of Medicine

Practicing MD and natural health expert Dr. Craig Koniver is one of the true thought leaders in human medicine. In one of my favorite AMP episodes of all time, we dismantle the prevalent model of medicine, talk about what really works, and explore the benefits of hormone replacement, the truth about cholesterol, and the conundrum of vaccines.

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