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What are Peptides

Peptides are short strings of amino acids, typically comprising 2-50 amino acids. Amino acids are also the building blocks of proteins, but proteins contain more.

Peptides may be easier for the body to absorb than proteins because they are smaller and more broken down than proteins. They can more easily penetrate the skin and intestines, which helps them to enter the bloodstream more quickly.

Peptide Protocols

Koniver Wellness Peptide Protocols are uniquely designed for performance in mind. There is no better investment than one that goes towards your health and well being. With our wide range of protocols, these will help you tackle whichever aspect of life you are trying to optimize. 

The Science

Peptide Therapy is an exciting, cutting-edge medical science that uses specific amino acid sequences called “peptides” that, when properly administered, communicate with different parts of the body, potentially enhancing the function of the entire body by binding to receptors on the cell surface and signaling optimal messages for health improvement.

To date, over 7,000 naturally-occurring peptides have been identified. Because peptides are mostly naturally occurring in the body, they are typically extremely well-tolerated and very safe.

Dr. Koniver has discovered that peptides work best when administered together in specific combinations to enhance the synergy and effectiveness of each peptide.

We pre-fill 20 syringes for easy compliance and use. Each pack of peptides comes ready to go, allowing you to focus on optimizing your health instead of having to fill 3-4 syringes every day.

Dr. Koniver likes clients to use the peptides M-F and take the weekends off to provide a break to the body. As you know, if you continually expose yourself to the same agents all the time, you will adapt to them rendering them less effective. Taking the weekends off, allows your body to get that break in the action.

The peptides need to be kept in the refrigerator overnight and when ready to be used (in AM or at bedtime depending on the protocol), can be injected subcutaneously under the skin using a very small insulin needle.

What’s Included

The Protocols

Dr. Koniver has been utilizing a variety of peptides with his clients for years and has studied their effectiveness and safety. While these peptides are very very safe (no side effects), the efficacy is greatly enhanced when certain peptides are combined together.
To enhance the compliance and effectiveness for these peptides to
successfully help his clients, Dr. Koniver formulated a myriad of
peptide protocols to optimize aspects of our life.

Dr. Koniver recommends utilizing one peptide protocol for 3 months
straight before moving to a new one, continuing or taking a break.
As well, Dr. Koniver recommends focusing on one protocol at a time,
but certain protocols can be utilized simultaneously. Please reach out
to us to inquire if you would like to use more then one protocol
together: orders@koniverwellness.com

Customer reviews

Peptide Protocols

Well, first off let me just say that I never take the time to write reviews. With that being said I actually wanted to write my first review on Koniver Wellness.
I feel like it’s important so here it goes. First I am 40 year old male, I’ve been working out for about eight years now and eating pretty healthy (keto).  I felt like after eight years I had plateaued. I wanted to take my body to the next level when it comes to strength, energy, and fat loss. No matter what I was doing nothing worked. So after doing some research online, I came across KW. I read up on their peptides and watched some of their videos. I figured I would give them a try. Nothing to lose. In short its the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and body composition. I’ve been working with KW for about five months now. My personal favorite is the strength peptide. I’ve also got my wife that is 36yrs old on the fat loss peptide. She absolutely loves it. The staff at KW is very friendly and the response is quick. Besides peptides, I know that KW does other Health related services as well. I’ve been meaning to make time to get down there to give these other services a try. So to wrap up this review if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should try KW services out….I’m telling you right now, don’t think just do.
— Derick Pegram

What a difference the right peptides make! After wasting 3 months and thousands of dollars, I was told about Koniver Wellness. The Fat Loss Peptide is a game changer.  I never get tired of being told how good I look from my family and friends! 
— Stephanie Bates

With trying anything new I was skeptical, but WOW was I pleasantly surprised! When purchasing the Glow Peptide I was looking to give my skin an extra boost and a radiant glow but I received an extra perk! My hair grew tremendously and who doesn’t want soft, long, full locks.  I would definitely recommend The Glow Peptide!

— Nina Chemtob

Dr. Koniver’s NeuroRegen Peptide Protocol is nothing short of amazing! In my Concussion Recovery Protocol, this has been one of the biggest game changers. It acted immediately and my mood, energy levels and cognitive functioning were entirely and sustainably enhanced. The order and delivery process is smooth, the injections painless to a very light sting and easy to administer. Awesome company and great product! I feel blessed to have found them.

— Zachary B.