Optimization Series

Immune Boosting, Optimization Education Course - Craig Koniver, MD will teach you all you need to learn about how to optimize your Immune system.

35 min

Chapter 1 : Intro to Course & Abundance of Mindset

In this episode Dr. Koniver will discuss one of the most important aspects of this entire series, the role your mindset plays in becoming your optimal self. Additionally, he illustrates what he wants his viewers to take away from this entire course.

20 min

Chapter 2 : Mitochondrial Health

In this episode Dr. Koniver takes a deep dive into our mitochondria and explains the ins and outs of how our mitochondria work and best ways to optimize their function.

38 min

Chapter 3 : Hormones

Dr. Koniver discusses which hormones he thinks are the most vital in our everyday life. He goes into detail on how each specific hormone affects our health, and how we can correctly dial these levels for optimal performance.

27 min

Chapter 4 : Thyroid

Dr. Koniver discusses in great detail the importance of our thyroid glade, and areas where we can improve our thyroids. If you are or know someone who is experiencing symptoms due to unbalanced thyroid levels, this video can be vital to jump-start the process of a healthy and functioning thyroid.

33 min

Chapter 5 : Stress and Cortisol

Perfect timing to talk about stress and how to best modulate it. Given the craziness of our world right now, we are all feeling extra dense stress and it’s difficult to cope in a positive manner.

40 min

Chapter 6 : Fitness with John

Dr. Koniver hosts a zoom with fitness expert, John Wolf, CFO at Onnit Labs in Austin,TX. discussing the approach to fitness and how one can stir themselves into making real progress. John discusses the methods they use at the gym in Austin, short interval training, being well-rounded vs specialization, and functional/mobility training.

40 min

Chapter 7 : Nutrition with Khalil Rafati

This episode features a Zoom call with Khalil Rafati. Khalil is an author, speaker, and health-fitness entrepreneur. He is the owner of SunLife Organics, a rapidly growing chain of popular juice and smoothie bars in California, Texas, and Arizona – as well as the owner of Malibu Beach Yoga. Dr. Koniver and Khalil discuss nutrition and simple ways to take back your health and mindset.

33 min

Chapter 8 : Sleep with Dr. Royer

In this episode, Dr. Royer and I discuss the importance of sleep architecture and data to help understand brainwaves and their relationship in cognitive performance. Dr. Royer is a neuropsychologist specializing in training the brain through neurofeedback and HRV training. Dr. Royer is the owner and founder of Royer Neuroscience and also the co-founder of Neurocore and previous managing director of Neuropeak Pro. Through his 25 years of experience, he has read over 50,000 brains.

50 min

Chapter 9 : Water with Robert Slovak

In this episode on water, I am joined with Robert Slovak. Robert is an international water scientist regarded as one of the world’s foremost water experts. Robert devoted himself to the science of water after life-altering experiences. He took his astronautical and mechanical engineering degrees and decided to pursue the research of reverse osmosis with his brother Jack. The dynamic duo was considered the early developers of Reverse Osmosis technology. In this episode, we discuss what is in your water, and the role it plays in affecting your body’s way of functioning. Robert introduces deuterium depleted and Quinton water, and overall the best practices for consuming water that will fully optimize the way you live.

32 min

Chapter 10: FastVitmainIV | NAD+ with Dr. Greg Jones

As we hit the home stretch on our 12-week Optimization Series, episode 10 covers two very important protocols that have shaped my practice over the last 18 years. As some of you may already know I am the creator and founder of FastVitaminIV®, and in this episode, I discuss what is in each IV, who it is best for, and what are some of its profound uses. Additionally, I talk about NAD+ IV therapy where we have overseen thousands of NAD+ IV treatments through the years of the practice being open. I had the pleasure of being on a fellow physician, and good friend’s podcast, Dr. Greg Jones. Dr. Jones asks me some engaging questions regarding the two protocols and how both of our practices use them in numerous ways.

08 min

Chapter 11: What You Need To Know About Peptides

Dr. Koniver discusses the basics of what peptides are, how they are used, and the best methods for consumption. Dr. Koniver has discovered that peptides work best when administered together in specific combinations to enhance the synergy and effectiveness of each peptide. Dr. Koniver has been utilizing a variety of peptides with his clients for years and has studied their effectiveness and safety. While these peptides are very safe (no side effects), the efficacy is greatly enhanced when certain peptides are combined together. To enhance the compliance and effectiveness for these peptides to successfully help his clients, Dr. Koniver formulated a myriad of peptide protocols to optimize.

40 min

Chapter 12: Ketamine for Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, PTSD, and TBI

Ketamine has really proven effective in the last couple of years to fight depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. It has also provided serious relief from those that have severe PTSD and/or traumatic brain trauma In this video, I will discuss the history of Ketamine, its effectiveness, the benefits seen in those with PTSD/TBI, and real stories from previous patients. It may be a new topic for many, so I encourage all to take a listen whenever you have time.


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