No, these are not wars, let’s stop thinking so

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Hello all,

I wanted to provide a quick perspective on the Coronavirus and how we are attempting to handle the spread as well as resolution.

It is worth noting that we are continuing to approach this virus like we do so much in medicine.

We wage war!

This is exactly how we have been handling so many things in health:

  • War on Heart Disease…..we fight against cholesterol!
  • Wrong, low testosterone and maladapted cortisol are the cause
  • War on cancer…..we fight with Chemo!
  • Wrong, only positivity has shown to help every type of cancer
  • War on drugs…..we fight with sobriety!
  • Wrong, the opposite of addiction is connection
  • And now we wage War on a virus…..we fight back with sterility and isolation!
  • Wrong, the opposite of infection is co-habitation

As I hope you can start to understand: we’ve been fighting wars in healthcare for the longest time and these wars are not ever going to be won. They will never ever be won because we should never be waging war in the first place.

Have you wondered why so many people get exposed to the same virus but only the small minority manifest disease and get sick?

This Coronavirus is very real and we need to take it seriously. But the continued approach to fighting back with isolation, sterility and insulation is absolutely not our way to succeed.

The very aspects that drive disease and mortality further and further: isolation, despair, depression, addiction, autoimmune disease, obesity ONLY get worse with further isolation, separation and insulation.

The very fix that we are in the midst of right now cannot work now or in the long term.

I understand that many people are getting infected, but the vast majority of people will be asymptomatic and/ or exhibit mild/ moderate symptoms.

Our attempts to run and isolate from a virus can never succeed.

Unfortunately, the only deaths that matter now are the ones from Corona.

And I am confident you know and understand that the deaths from suicide, overdose, depression, obesity, seasonal flu, malaria, traffic accidents and hunger FAR outweigh the number of deaths from Coronavirus.

I will be discussing these topics in-depth on the Aubrey Marcus podcast to be released very soon.

To your best health and performance,

Dr. K

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