Nad+ IV Therapy

What is Brain Refuel

Intravenous NAD+ is rapidly becoming the most robust tool to help revitalize our cells, replenish our energy reserves and create brain rejuvenation. Unlike the traditional protocols that take 6-8 hours to administer, Dr. Koniver has re-engineered NAD+ and combined it with FastVitaminIV® to create meaningful, transformative IV protocols that take 1-2 hours.

The Science

NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) a Vitamin B3 derivative has been successfully utilized for many years in intravenous protocols to help people with addiction. Dr. Koniver discovered that the combination of the NAD with his FastVitaminIV® also greatly helps people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, TBI’s neurological diseases and executive functioning. 

Dr. Koniver speculates that the intravenous combination of NAD+, Niacinamide, Tryptophan, and Glutamine leads to the phenomenal changes that occur with the Brain Refuel™ Protocols

These changes have been nothing less than transformational for so many people now.

  • Each Brain Refuel™ IV Treatment takes anywhere from 1-2 hours (on average)
  • The NAD portion is dripped in like an IV infusion and once complete, the FastVitaminIV® portion is pushed in 1-2 minutes
  • The majority of patients start with a loading dose of five treatments, but some patients do need more and they start with a loading dose of 10 treatments. These treatments are best given as close together as possible.
  • After the loading dose, most patients go on to a maintenance phase which may consist of one IV per week or even one IV per month. Every patient is unique.
  • During the treatments, patients are free to read, work on their computer or just relax.
  • After the treatments, there are no restrictions, although most patients find that they enjoy having quiet time to relax and reflect.
  • The Brain Refuel™ Program are updated protocols from the original NAD protocols which are quite different. Because of this, we recommend that patients only receive this therapy from properly trained physicians who have been trained on the Brain Refuel™ Therapy.
  • In between IV sessions, it is recommended that patients take some oral supplements as well to help keep the NAD+/FastVitaminIV® nutrients working at optimal ranges.
  • The Brain Refuel™ Program is very well-tolerated and has helped children as young as 12 years old as well as adults in their 80’s

What to Expect

The protocols

Through years of clinical testing of various protocols, Dr. Koniver has established several protocols that allow for patients with a variety of health and neurological conditions to be treated.

The majority of people making use of the Brain Refuel™ program are busy executives looking for an energetic boost. Most people describe the effect as “calm clarity”.

The Brain Refuel™ protocols allow for individuals to be treated with a “loading dose” that leads into a “maintenance dose”.

These protocols are quite different than the typical “hangover IVs” that have become popular.

Brain Refuel™ is an incredible, life-transformational experience.