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New Year Programs

Fat Burner

This program is designed to help jumpstart the fat burning inside of you. We all have eaten more carbs and sweets during this holiday season, so this program will help you accelerate the fat burning you are ready to achieve!

Mood Elevator

This time of year generally brings some darker days and it is easy to fall prey to negative thoughts. If we neglect this part of ourselves, it is easy to feel hopeless and challenged. This program helps build positive mindsets allowing you to achieve the health and performance goals you are seeking this year.


With all of the concerns of viruses and fear, it is a great time to double down on our immune systems and get this complicated aspect of our systems working full steam ahead!

Performance Push

Many of us use the New Year to set our health and performance goals to a new standard. Why not do so with as big of a push as possible? This program is designed for those who are looking to flip that metabolic and hormonal switch, turning your daily workouts into an accelerated platform for optimization.

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The Community

Group Zoom Calls


Two Zoom calls per month with Dr. K and group. Zoom calls will be at the beginning and end of the program duration.


Discuss challenges and successes.


Speak with others who are searching for similar goals.


Ask Dr. K and questions you may have to optimize this program to best achieve your goals.

Real Stories. Real Results

Client Testimonials

What a difference the right peptides make! After wasting 3 months and thousands of dollars, I was told about Koniver Wellness. The Fat Loss Peptide Protocol is a game changer. I never get tired of being told how good I look from my family and friends!

Stephanie B.

I recently finished a month cycle of the NeuroRegen Peptide Protocol and I was beyond satisfied with results. I have a damage nerves from a nerve block in my hip and have tried many modalities for relief/healing but this peptide complex has produced more results than anything else I’ve tried and that’s a long and expensive list. Will definitely buy again.

Dillon S.

I am 40 year old male, I’ve been working out for about eight years now and eating pretty healthy (keto). I felt like after eight years I had plateaued. I wanted to take my body to the next level when it comes to strength, energy, and fat loss. No matter what I was doing nothing worked. So after doing some research online, I came across KW. I read up on their peptides and watched some of their videos. I figured I would give them a try. Nothing to lose. In short its the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and body composition. I’ve been working with KW for about five months now. My personal favorite is the Strength Peptide Protocol. I’ve also got my wife that is 36yrs old on the Fat Loss Peptide Protocol. She absolutely loves it. The staff at KW is very friendly and the response is quick. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should try KW services out….I’m telling you right now, don’t think just do.

Dereck P.