REMEDY Peptide Protocol


REMEDY Peptide Protocol



  • Thymosin Alpha-1
    •a 28-amino acid peptide that’s found naturally in the human thymus
    •protects T cells from apoptosis (cellular death) and protects against oxidative damage
    •improves antibacterial and antiviral responses
    •promotes balanced immune function
    •improves metabolism and helps with weight management
    •promotes wound and tissue-healing processes
  • BPC-157
    •a 15-amino acid peptide that’s found naturally in human stomach digestive juices
    •accelerates wound, skin, and tissue healing (including deep burns, ligaments, bones, and tendons)
    •protects and heals the gut lining
    •protects cells from oxidative stress
    •improves blood flow and relives pain to injured areas
    •regulates serotonin and dopamine functions in the brain
    •supports muscle growth in response to resistance training
  • GHK-Cu
    •a 3-amino acid peptide containing copper that is naturally found in plasma, saliva, and urine
    •amounts of this peptide tend to decline with age
    •supports wound healing
    •contains antioxidant properties
    •promotes the production of collagen, which improves skin elasticity, density, and firmness
    •stimulates hair and nail growth, and repairs sun damage in the skin
    •activates anti-aging genes and skin regeneration
    •promotes balanced immune and inflammatory responses


Beneficial for recovery from a variety of things, including acute injuries, chronic fatigue, and chronic symptoms of common respiratory infections, our Remedy protocol combines the power of three different anti-inflammatory and wound-healing peptides to heal your body and support recovery from illnesses.

Unlike our other protocols, Remedy includes 30 syringes for 30 straight days of injections – without cycling off on the weekends. It’s truly a powerhouse blend to boost your immune system and support the healing and recovery of your body after it’s been pushed to the limits.

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Our team of clinical experts have answers.

Our Remedy Peptide Therapy contains three immune boosting and anti-inflammatory peptides: Thymosin Alpha-1, BPC-157, and GHK-Cu. This is our strongest immune boosting peptide therapy, and it is beneficial for patients recovering from acute infections, injuries and trauma, and for those with chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and other immunocompromised states.
This peptide therapy is administered via subcutaneous injection using a small insulin needle. The peptides are pre-drawn in syringes for patients at the prescribed dose. Injections are given Mondays through Sundays in the evening.
There is some pain associated with all injections. However, insulin needles are quite small, and with proper injection technique the pain is minimal. The best sites for injection include the fat in the abdomen and the buttocks.
Results derived from peptide therapy are variable from patient to patient and range from very subtle to profound depending on one’s individual needs and health status. In general, we expect patients to see some improvement in symptoms within 1 to 2 weeks though some patients report noticeable improvement after the first few injections.
In general, peptide therapy is very safe. However, allergic reactions are possible with any medication, and peptides are no exception. Though allergic reactions are very rare, symptoms can range from transient local site irritation to more severe symptoms including hives. We advise those with severe or frequent allergic reactions to discuss peptides therapy with their Allergist or primary care physician prior to seeking a consultation.
Yes, more than one peptide protocol may be used at the same time. Our team of medical providers will help determine which peptides are right for you and if it is appropriate to combine therapies.
At this time, there is minimal data regarding the safety of peptides in pregnant and breast-feeding mothers. Therefore, we do not prescribe peptides to pregnant or breast-feeding persons.
If you miss an injection we recommend resuming the therapy the next day. Additional or make-up doses are not recommended.
The peptides are shipped in foil packaging at room temperature. Our pharmacist has tested the stability of the peptides at various temperatures and determined they are stable and safe to be shipped without ice. To preserve freshness please store them in the refrigerator after receipt.
The expiration date is listed on each peptide label. The peptides are good for 3 months when stored in the refrigerator or 6 months when stored in the freezer.
Yes. The peptides are stable at room temperature for up to 72 hours during travel. Koniver Wellness cannot guarantee that peptides will not be confiscated by security or customs at the airport. However, patients routinely travel with their peptides, and to date we have never been notified of an issue. Please store the peptides in the refrigerator when you arrive at your destination.


One month supply of peptides.

20 syringes included.


Inject subcutaneously into the abdomen or buttocks in the morning. Use Monday to Friday and have weekends off.

REMEDY Peptide Protocol

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