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Our Method

At Koniver Wellness we help you figure out everything going wrong inside your cells and then create an individual protocol designed specifically to your body to get your cells operating at the highest level of efficiency.

In order to optimize your health and performance, we know that it takes reconciling everything going on outside of you (nutrients, food, toxins, etc) with everything going on inside of you (genetics, thoughts, metabolism, blood flow, etc). We define “optimal health” as continuously adapting our external exposures with our internal environment to create cellular harmony, efficiency and energy.


The performance matrix

At Koniver Wellness we drive optimal health and performance by Maximizing the Performance Matrix, a confluence of these:

– Mitochondrial

– Cannabinoid

– Hormonal 

– Physical

– Nutrient

– Cognitive

This unique system provides for maximizing individual performance leading to optimal health and well-being.

Patients from all over the world come to Koniver Wellness looking for expert advice and guidance on how to maximize their performance, optimize their health and age gracefully without fearing chronic disease.

Step 1: Understand What Is Going On Inside Of You

We accomplish this by running a series of specialty labs that reveal several key indices of your internal health: 


Nutrient status

Hormone levels

Metabolic conditioning

Inflammatory responses

Fluidity of the extracellular matrix

Step 2: What Are Your Goals

Whether it be fat loss to optimizing your physical fitness, your specific goals are crucial to understanding how we can use the Koniver Method to optimize your health and performance. 

Step 3: Customize A One Year Treatment Strategy

While the vast majority of our clients meet their goals very early in this process, we do like to establish a one year program that outlines how we get from where you are right now to your total optimization goals. 

The treatment regimens are centered around several key tools:

Intravenous NAD+/ FastVitaminIV® Therapy

Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy

Exosomes Therapy

Injectable peptides

IV and Local Ozone Therapies

Hormonal Balancing

Nutrient Optimization

IV Laser Therapy

Step 4: Edit, Tweak, and Repeat

With frequent check ins, retesting labs and monitoring of goals, we keep each client on track for their weekly, monthly and annual goals.

Unlike other provider programs that seek to flood their clients with nutritional supplements, radical nutritional changes and unrealistic fitness goals, the Koniver Method is based on time-tested, cutting-edge protocols that utilize the latest in science to produce sustainable RESULTS.

Real Patients. Real Reviews

Patient’s Stories

First saw Dr Koniver 12 years ago when he helped me through anxiety issues. I remember having labs done and he was very knowledgeable and patient with me explaining what everything meant. My husband and I both see him now and have for many years. We have sent friends to him and he has helped them all. We highly recommend his services.

Carolyn Neal - Google Reviews

I’ve been using the strength peptides for two months now and seeing some great results. Great customer service too, answered all my questions and helped me choose the right ones for me.

Steve Aukamp - Google Reviews

Visited Dr. K’s office for a FastvitaminIV and the entire process was efficient, clean and comfortable. After walking out of the office I felt way more clarity and energy. The best part was I didn’t need to stay hooked up to a bag for hours, the entire vitamin iv push took less than 2 minutes.

Logan Brafford - Google Reviews

Dr. Koniver treated my daughter and I back in ’06-’10. He was very kind, punctual, and always took time to address my health concerns and even did an extensive food allergy test which explained many of the health issues I was having. How did he know!? There was a very stressful period in my life and had it not been for his approach and aggressively making my mental health his priority, my life would have been very very different. I was very pleased and thankful for the care. Unfortunately, now live too far to be seen by him, but I sure wish he was still our Doctor.

Del Mar - Google Reviews

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