Black Friday Specials

For our very first Black Friday Special, we are introducing three brand new vehicles to help our patients enhance their performance.

We know that the benefits of swallowing lots of pharmaceutical capsules is extremely limited due to the bioavailability of nutrients. “Wait, what is bioavailability?” you ask. Simply, it is the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so can have an active effect. When you ingest food or nutrients orally, most of us can absorb 20% (on average) of those nutrients. The good news is that we can do better than that!

For several months, we have been testing three exciting new vehicles — patches, nasal sprays, and powders — that have a higher bioavailability than capsules and are much more accessible for people on the go.


As with all of our treatments, we believe that every patient is unique and there is no ONE therapy that works for EVERYONE. We will work with you on the best wellness plan based on your individual goals. But here’s a quick overview<

KW Performance Patches

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KW Performance Nasal Sprays

Unlike the patch and injectable compounds we provide, the nasal sprays are faster acting and go through your system much faster and therefore are used both as needed and have to be dosed more frequently to work effectively. These nasal sprays do not provide you the background nutrients critical to your overall performance, but act as a boost in helping you feel your best.

We recommend you start with two sprays in each nostril as a starting dosage quantity. You will spray and sniff up to get the liquid from the spray bottle into your nasal passage so that it can be absorbed through the nasal mucosa.

In general, the nasal sprays can be dosed 3x/day and we can help you determine if you need more based on your goals and how you feel using the spray.

For the Sleep Spray, we recommend you only use this at bedtime and no more than 3x/week. This is because this formula contains the powerful sleep peptide called DSIP (Delta Wave Sleep Induing Peptide).

While this peptide is great for helping to get you into Delta Wave Sleep (Deep Sleep), we don’t like people to use more than 3x/week as it can start to shift your sleep architecture to one where you don’t get as much REM sleep. While this may sound useful, REM sleep is critical to every sleep wave cycle and it is during REM sleep where we consolidate memories and make sense of the world we live in.

KW Performance Powders

Each powder comes in a small packet that can be opened and added to warm water/coffee/tea.

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